How do you protect yourself when you are alone?

Survey Hopes to Create the Ultimate Combat System



Hey, do you feel safe when you are walking the streets alone at night? Do you have the skills necessary to protect yourself and loved ones from unexpected harm?

The truth is, many people are not prepared. Even if they take self-defense courses, it’s a sad truth that many of these courses prove to be effective in sports settings but ineffective when it comes to real-life encounters on the street.

In a sports setting:

  • You have a referee.
  • You have protective equipment.
  • There are penalties for hitting someone in the wrong spot.
  • Weapons, if used at all, are used only under strict supervision.
  • Victory usually depends not on how hard you hit your opponent but how many points you earned by hitting the opponent in the right areas.

On the streets:

  • You have no referee.
  • You are largely unprotected.
  • The greatest penalty is death.
  • Weapons are common, and the paint a gruesome picture.
  • Victory isn’t something to boast about; your life is on the line.

That being said, there are many reasons we all pursue martial arts. And, there are many of us who practice just to lose weight and get in shape.  That is perfectly fine, and I wanted to understand your motives so that I could develop a self-defense system that is tailored to what you are looking for.

There is nothing being “sold” here. If you take 30 seconds to finish this survey, it will help me design the right course. I’ve been training for close to 34 years, and I’ve been teaching for close to 20. And I would like to bring my knowledge to a greater audience online.  And, if you’re among the people who fill out this survey, I’ll use the information to create some free training videos and send them your way when I have them ready.

Sweet deal, huh?

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